Stucco Services

Stucco is a type of finishing plaster that is commonly used on exterior of buildings. It has been used in construction for centuries in various forms. It can also be used for interior designed plasters.

Stucco is applied by way of hand or machine to exterior and interior wall surfaces. It may be applied directly to a solid base structure, masonry or concrete walls. Its substance is made by baking limestone in kilns so that it calcifies, along with sand and water. It becomes durable, strong, and heavy, making it last a long time.

The inherent toughness is beautifully complemented by the variety of colours and textures available. Whether it’s your business or your home, appearance is an important consideration in selecting a Stucco design. A nearly unlimited palette of colours that never need painting is available to provide a uniform, maintenance-free finish for your most lavish designs. We can help you in deciding the best colour for your design.

Stucco texture is achieved by selecting aggregate size, controlling finish mix consistency, and using special treatment techniques during and after application of the finish coat plaster.  Texture gives substance and character to the plaster surface — adding highlights, depth, continuity, segmentation, and even achieving the look of a completely different construction material, such as wood timbers, brick, or stone masonry construction.

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