SYSTEMS-IMAGEAl Stucco and Parging offers a wide variety of systems for any professional job to be completed for any home or businesses. Contact us for further information.

Water Drainage System

WATER-DRAINAGE-150x150Water Drainage Systemprovides added protection from incidental moisture. Seven approaches to drainage enable selection of the right level of protection for each project type. Channeled Adhesive Design is the most popular system for commercial and institutional applications.Adhered Mat Design fits well with many renovation situations. Senturion I, II and III are economical in light commercial and residential applications when high wind load ratings are not a design consideration.

EIFS System

EIFS-150x150No other wall system has enjoyed as widespread use on commercial projects as EIFS. Introduced in Europe in the 1950’s, EIFS became the most popular cladding for commercial projects by the early 1990’s.  The Classic design is a time proven favorite.Secondary Weather Barrier Design adds an effective air / water-resistive barrier over approved sheathings prior to application of the EIFS insulation board. Flashed Opening Design provides localized drainage around windows and other openings

Stucco Wall System

STUCCO-WALL-150x150Stucco Wall System offers many options to stucco that expand its versatility and enhance its performance.  BASF Wall Systems pioneered PermaLath technology which offers many advantages over traditional metal lath.  AL Stucco offers a three tiered family of stucco: Sentry Wall Systems. Sentry Stucco Ultra, the ultimate in stucco evolution, includes a liquid applied air / water-resistive barrier, water drainage mat, acrylic base coat with option reinforcing mesh and acrylic, elastomeric or siliconized acrylic or elastomeric finishes.

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Cement-Board Stucco

CEMENT-BOARD-STUCCO-150x150Cement-Board Stucco is a highly impact and puncture resistant wall system with the look of stucco. It employs a cement board core, and is used in low and mid rise residential and commercial applications when exterior insulation is not required.

Stucco Resurfacing

STUCCO-RESURFACING-150x150Stucco Resurfacing offers a longer-lasting approach to stucco repair.  In addition to covering cracks for wall protection, its reinforced acrylic base coat and finish are able to resist new cracking.  Stucco Resurfacing System creates a beautifully colored, textured and reinforced skin over the stucco surface.

Textured Acrylic Surfacing Systems

TEXTURED-ACRYLIC-SURFACING-SYSTEMS-150x150Textured Acrylic Surfacing Systems provides the desirable stucco look and aesthetic appeal over a variety of ICF and SIPs types. Metallic Surfacing Systems closely replicate the look of expensive metal panels. Senerbrick creates the look of brick in a variety of patterns and colors.